Youth Aikido

In our youth program, students will learn effective self-defense movements while developing discipline and respect for others.   Aikido helps to foster self control, focus, coordination, balance, and a strong mind/body connection.   Aikido is based on martial techniques, but with peace, harmony and self improvement as its goals.   The youth program is for students ages six through thirteen years old.




Children ages 6 and up benefit from Aikido training! Anshinkan Dojo's Youth Aikido students gain:


  • Confidence
  • Positive self-image 
  • Enhanced school performance 
  • Increased regard for others
  • Cooperation 
  • Discipline 
  • Can-do attitude 

Physical benefits include flexibility, agility, balance, stamina, and strength. Training is fun and teaches conflict resolution and self-defense skills for life. 

Anshinkan Dojo's Youth Aikido students are led through exercises, techniques, and fun activities that develop their minds and bodies. Older children (generally ages 11-13) are challenged with more intensive instruction to prepare them for participation in our adult classes

Youth Aikido Schedule