Tai Chi Chuan


Schoon sensei with Master Yang Zhen Duo, Master Yang Jun
 and Han Hoong Wang, 1999


             Yang Lu Chan

Tai Chi Chuan is the art of letting hardness dwell within softness and hiding a needle within cotton…” Yang Cheng Fu

    Yang Cheng Fu                 


Yang family Tai Chi Chuan started with Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872) who went to the Chen village to study with Chen Chang Xing. The birthplace of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is Hebei Province, Yongnian County. About 200 years ago, Yang Lu Chan went to Beijing to teach the Emperor's Family. People would watch and wanted to learn from him. His movements were smooth, slow and even.

Yang Style is the most popular style of Tai Chi practiced around the world today. This is largely due to the Yang family teaching to the public and not keeping it private.

Students learn the Hand Form, Push Hands, and Weapons (sword, saber and staff). The hand form is the foundation for all other forms. After learning the hand form the student progresses to learn push hands. Push Hands teaches the student to apply the 8 energies taught in the hand form with an opponent/partner. The sword and saber teaches the student how to use a weapon. The sword and saber still follow the 10 essentials while maintaining the large, graceful, and even pace. The sword techniques are clear, light, flexible, lively and flowing and the saber techniques are heavy, powerful, and energetic and show strong spirit.

Some of the many benefits of Tai Chi include:

  1. A Strong mind and body connection
  2. Improves coordination
  3. Relaxation and reduction of stress
  4. Internal organs are exercised, blood circulation is improved
  5. Regular practice of Tai Chi helps to prevent illness and improves health longevity
  6. Relieves arthritis and increases flexibility of the joints
  7. Prevents bone fatigue
  8. Improves mental and physical concentration and focus
  9. Helps to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes
  10. Helps to prevent falls by improving balance
  11. Strengthens and improves the body’s immune system