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 Equipment, Clothing and DVDs

Chudokai Annual Membership $50.00/year

Included: 2 guest visits per month to affiliated dojo, a crest and a student handbook 

Anshinkan Embroidered Polo - $25

Anshinkan Embroidered Hat - $20

Anshinkan Embroidered Gym Bag - $40

Aikido Weapons Set - $50

includes Jo, Bokken, Tanto and black vinyl carrying case.



Aikido Yoshinkan Chudokai Crests $10.00

Aikido Yoshinkan Chudokai CrestsBorder stitching comes in various colours


Instructor Handbook - 3rd Edition $25.00

Instructor HandbookA comprehensive instructor's guide including: * Aikido historical development * Instructor requirements, Instructor etiquette * Personal training * Maintaining a dojo * Sample programs, Weapons study * Legal liabilities, Organizing seminars, Demonstrations, Insurance guide * Injuries by techniques & first aid, Checklists, Forms & more * Available to Chudokai Aikido Federation Registered Instructors.

Student Handbook - 10th Edition $18.00

PosterThis comprehensive guide includes information about the C.A.F.I, Yoshinkai Aikido, current affiliate dojo's & instructor bios, the anatomy of techniques, test requirements, etiquette, how to test & warm ups. Includes a Japanese glossary, history & more.

The History of Aikido $3.00

History BookThe history of Aikido to the present.

On Guard Handbook


RCMP/Canadian Police College Defensive Tactics instructor course (companion video available) * Includes use of force, medical implications, trauma charts, sudden in custody death syndrome, survival learning theory, pressure points, stuns, distractions, control techniques, blocks, checks, counter strikes, evasions, takedowns, tactical & speed handcuffing search, edged weapon defense, handgun retention and disarming * $45.00 for handbook * $65.00 for DVD * $100.00 for both


Training DVDs (Aikido, Aiki Buki and Shitei Waza)

Aikido Kyu & Dan Techniques DVD

Aikido weapons DVD's from 5th kyu to 5th dan. Total 88 forms, bokken (sword), jo (staff), tanto (knife) and combinations. Solo and paired forms. Bunkai (origin and specific meaning). Theory, history & philosophy. Each form is shown in explicit detail with explanations. There are a total of 5 DVDs with two levels on each disc. Each DVD includes more than two hours of information.

Aiki Buki DVDs $40.00 each or $175.00 set
5th & 4th Kyu
3rd & 2nd Kyu
1st Kyu & 1st Dan
2nd Dan & 3rd Dan
4th Dan & 5th Dan

VHS Video tapes are also available for all Aiki Buki sections listed above, $25.00 per tape while supplies last.


Aikido Kyu & Dan Techniques DVD

Chudokai Aikido Federation International Presents. Each DVD contains the most extensive and detailed information about Aikido techniques ever compiled. DVDs for multiple levels include over 2 hours of comprehensive instruction and DVDs for single levels include over 1 hour of detail. Digitally filmed and produced at a professional level, these educational DVDs provide students with an invaluable tool to understand the many specific details and intricacies of the Aikido techniques required for rank advancement. Also included with the "How To" are reasons why and some historical background where appropriate. These DVDs are an essential requirement for any serious martial arts student's library of information.

Aikido Kyu & Dan Technique DVDs (1 to 4 of 8) $40.00 each or $275.00 set of eight
9th - 6th Kyu
5rd - 4th Kyu
3rd - 2nd Kyu
1st Kyu



Aikido Kyu & Dan Technique DVDs (5 to 8 of 8) $40.00 each or $275.00 set of eight

VHS Video tapes are also available for all Aikido sections listed above, $25.00 per tape while supplies last.


Dan Shitei Waza $100.00

* Instructor Techniques Collection * Over 240 techniques sitting & standing * A must for all senior students and Instructors *2 DVD Set


Additional DVD & Video Tape Listing

On Guard - Defense and Control Tactics Course $65.00

With Kevin Blok Kyoshi (RCMP Instructor Program)

Kyusho Jutsu $40.00

Basic and advanced pressure point control. With Kevin Blok Kyoshi.

Kyusho Jutsu $40.00

Pressure Point Application to Striking Arts Techniques. * With Kevin Blok Kyoshi.

Both Kyusho Jutsu versions $55.00


Tanbo Jutsu $40.00

* Short Stick/Baton Control Techniques * With Kevin Blok Kyoshi

Practical Aikido $30.00 + $5.00 S/H per video, OR $125.00 + $10.00 S/H per complete set.

Century Video

Volume 1 - Basic Aikido I
Volume 2 - Basic Aikido II
Volume 3 - Intermediate Aikido I
Volume 4 - Intermediate Aikido II
Volume 5 - Advanced Aikido I


Century Video - Panther Premium Video Series





Other special videos available.   Please contact the Anshinkan Dojo.

NOTE: All prices are quoted in U.S. Funds.


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