Anshinkan Library

The following books, and DVDs are available from the dojo library.  The library is open to all members provided they have donated at least one book or video.


(asterisk * indicates from Schoon Sensei’s personal library)


    Title                           Author                              

  1. *Advanced Aikido                            Phong Thong Dang/Lynn Seiser
  2. Aikido (in Chinese)
  3. Aikido Basics                                Phong Thong Dang   
  4. Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere                        A. Westbrook/O. Ratti
  5. Aikido and the Harmony of                            Mitsugi Saotome                                                               Nature    
  6. Aikido, The Heavenly Road                      Kenji Shimizu
  7. Aikido, Weapons Techniques                    Phong Thong Dang/Lynn Seiser
  8. Analysis of China Na                                   Jwing-Ming Yang
  9. Angry White Pyjamas                          Robert Twigger
  10. *The Art of Happiness, a handbook for living            Dalai Lama                                                     
  11. *The Art of Peace, Morihei Ueshiba                John Stevens
  12. Bagua and Tai chi                                     Bruce Frantzis
  13. Barefoot Zen, Shaolin Roots of Kung Fu and Karate      Nathan J. Johnson
  14. Best Aikido, The Fundamentals                         Kisshomaru & Moriteru Ueshiba
  15. Bodhidharma, The Zen Teachings of                    Translated by Red Pine
  16. *The Book of Five Rings                                Miyamoto Musashi
  17. *Boxing, The American Art                      R. Michael Onello
  18. Bruce Lee (picture book)                       John Little
  19. Bruce Lee's Fighting Method, Basic Training             Bruce Lee
  20. Bruce Lee's Fighting Method, Advanced Techniques     Bruce Lee
  21. Budo Secrets (2 copies)                               John Stevens
  22. Bushido, The Warrior’s Code                     Inazo Nitobe
  23. The Complete Book of Tai Chi                    Stewart McFarlane
  24. *Deadly Karate Blows, Medical Implications              Brian Adams
  25. Dynamic Strength                                      Harry Wong                                     
  26. Encyclopedia of Aikido                                  Stanley A. Pranin
  27. The Essence of Aikido                                  John Stevens
  28. *Fighting Karate                                       Hideyuki Ashihara
  29. Kung Fu book from Taiwan, volume I                    (In Chinese)
  30. Kung Fu book from Taiwan, volume II                    
  31. *The Gift of Rain (fiction)                              Tan Twan Eng
  32. Gracie Submissions Essentials                     Helio Gracie/Royler Gracie
  33. Ground Fighting and Restraint                          Kevin Pell/Garner Thompson
  34. *Hagakure, The book of the Samuari                    Yamamoto Tsunetomo
  35. The Hidden Roots of Aikido                      Shiro Omiya
  36. The History of Aikido (booklet)                         Chudokai Aikido Federation
  37. Kodo, Ancient Ways                                    Kensho Furuya
  38. *The Martial Artist’s Way                               Glen Doyle
  39. Martial Arts Instruction                                  Lawrence A. Kane
  40. *National Geographic, The first Samurai (article)          Tom O'Neill    
  41. The Peaceful Way, A Children's Guide                    Ledwab/Standefer                                                                      
  42. *The Power of Internal Martial Arts                      B.K. Frantzis
  43. *Pressure Points, Kyosho Juysu                          Evan Patazi                                                            
  44. Secrets of the Samurai                          Oscar Ratti/Adele Westbrook
  45. Sensei (fiction)                               John Donohue
  46. Shaolin Chin Na, Comprehensive applications of           Jwing-Ming Yang
  47. The Shaolin Grandmasters' Text                         Order of Shaolin Ch'an
  48. Small Circle Ju Jutsu                            Wally Jay
  49. The Spirit of Aikido                             Kisshomaru Ueshiba
  50. The Structure of Aikido, vol. 1                     Gaku Homma
  51. Sword and Brush                                        Dave Lowry
  52. *Tai Chi Chuan, Basic Excercises                          ShingYen-Ling/Wang Pei-kun
  53. *Tai Chi Chuan, 24 + 48 form with applications           Liang Shou-Yu/ Wu Wen-Ching
  54. Tai Chi Theory & Martial Power                           Jwing-Ming Yang
  55. T'ai Chi Thirteen Sword                                  Stuart Olson
  56. Taijiquan Theory                                         Jwing-Ming Yang                 
  57. The Te of Piglet                               Benjamin Hoff
  58. Tengu (fiction)                                           John Donohue
  59. Total Aikido                                             Gozo Shioda
  60. Training with the Master                                  John Stevens/Walther Krenner
  61. *The Way of Energy                                      Lam Kam Chuen
  62. Wing Chun, The Deceptive Hands of                      Douglas Wong
  63. *Zen and Aikido                               Shigeo Kamata/Kenji Shimizu
  64.  Zen in the Martial Arts                                  Joe Hyams
  65. Zen Masters of China                                     Richard Bryan McDaniel
  66. Zen, The Three Pillars of                                 Philip Kapleau




The Founder of Aikido - Morihei Ureshiba (DVD)
Sword, Jo, and Body Techniques - Morihiro Saito (DVD)