Dojo Library

The following books, video cassettes, and DVDs are available from the dojo library.  The library is open to all members provided they have donated at least one book or video.


Aikido Basics - Sensei Phong Thong Dang
Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere - A. Westbrook and O. Ratti
Aikido and the Harmony of Nature - Mitsugi Saotome
Aikido: The Heavenly Road - Keni Shimizu
Aikido Shugyo - Gozo Shioda
Aikido Weapons Techniques - Phong Thong Dang and Lynn Seiser
The Aiki News Encyclopedia of Aikido - Stanley Pranin
Angry White Pajamas - Robert Twigger
Beginners Japanese - Helen Gilhooly
Best Aikido-The Fundamentals - Kisshomaru and Moriteru Ueshiba
The Book of Five Rings - Miyamoto Musashi
Bruce Lee, The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon - John Little
Budo, Teachings of the Martial Arts Masters - John Stevens
Bushido - Inazo Nitobe
The Complete Book of Tai Chi - Stewart McFarlane
Dictionary of Japan's Cultural Code Words - Boye DeMente
The Essence of Aikido - John Stevens
The First Samurai - National Geographic Magazine-article
Ground Control and Restraint - Richard Morris and Bryan Cheek
The Hidden Roots of Aikido, Aiki JuJutsu Daitoryu - Shiro Omiya
The History of Aikido - Chudokan Dojo (Booklet)
Japanese for Martial Arts (Tape and Text) - Alexander D.C. Kash
Kodo, Ancient Ways - Kensho Furuya
Secrets of the Samurai - Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook
Sensei - John Donohue (Fiction, mystery thriller)
Small-circle Jujitsu - Wally Jay
The Spirit of Aikido - Kisshomaru Ueshiba
The Structure of Aikido, Volume 1 - Gaku Homma
The Te of Piglet - Benjamin Hoff
Total Aikido - Gozo Shioda
Training with the Master - John Stevens and Walther Krenner
Zen and the Martial Arts - Joe Hyams


Beyond Kenpo, Volume 1 - Joseph Simonet & Addy Hernandez (VHS) 
Beyond Kenpo, Volume 2 - Joseph Simonet & Addy Hernandez (VHS) 
Discovering Chi: Energey Excersises for the Beginner  (VHS)
The Founder of Aikido - Morihei Ureshiba (DVD)
Sword, Jo, and Body Techniques - Morihiro Saito (DVD)
TRS "Lost Art of Power Throwing (VHS)
Taiji Sword, Classical Yang Style - Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming (VHS)

Dojo Library Friends
The following  is a list of current students who have donated at least one book or video to our library.
Marcus Schoon, Jeff Anderson