Instructors at Anshinkan Dojo


 Marcus Schoon Shihan-Dai - Aikido, Tai Chi, Kenpo

• Awarded the teaching title of Shihan-Dai (Associate Master Instructor) in March 2017, in Yoshinkai Aikido from Kevin Blok Hanshi, Chudokan Dojo, Windsor, Ontario and holds an international teaching license from Japan. 

• Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) in Yoshinkai Aikido. 

• Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) in American Kenpo Karate. 

• Level 5 in Traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Awarded the title "Certified Instructor" by the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association. 

• Graduate of the Universal Instructor Training Program and given the title Sogobujutsu Menkyo Shidoin by John Viol Sensei.




Jennifer Senko - Aikido (Assistant Instructor)

Jennifer Senko started studying Yoshinkai Aikido in February of 2013 and has achieved 1st kyu rank. Jennifer has been given the title Sogobujutsu Menkyo Shidoin by John Viol SenseiShe has also completed a 10 month Kenshu (intensive) study with Kevin Blok Kyoshi. Jennifer has a degree from the College for Creative Studies and works as a freelance graphic designer and in primary school education. She also enjoys painting, writing, and the outdoors.
John Viol Dai Shihan Menkyokaiden - Martial Sciences International

Viol Shihan is the appointed Director of Martial Sciences International, the International Sogobujutsu Federation, and the United States Marial Tactical Association.  Mr. Viol began training in marital sciences in 1967 and has lived in Japan training as Uchi Deshi, and spent 20 years overseas where he consulted for members of elite military, law enforcement, and dignitary protection services.  During his extensive training in Asia, he earned numerous ranks in several martial disciplines.  In 1992, he was awarded Menkyokaiden - the highest level bestowed in classical martial systems.  He is the highest ranked classical weaponry instructor in North America.

Matthew Newcomb

Matthew Newcomb began his martial studies over 25 years ago and has earned advanced ranks in ITF Tae Kwon-Do, Choi Kwang-Do, and Yue Chia Kung Fu.  He currently trains in Yoshinkan AIkido, Japanese Swordsmanship, and Classical Japanese Jujutsu all at the Anshinkan.  Matthew is Menkyo Graded Jokyou in Sogobujutsu and was awarded the title of Sensei at a special ceremony in 2016.  When he is not training, Newcomb Sensei owns and operates a small boutique Financial Planning Firm, owns and operates an online martial supply store, and does mission work.